To get the best out of what software has to offer it’s important to make sure you’re using the most up to date version of WordPress. Many of the WordPress sites that get hacked have not updated to the latest version. It’s not only beneficial to the security of your site; the newest software will include updated core plugins and themes, extra features and more practical functions.

WordPress upgrades its software to keep the system secure, and by default, it can update itself when a minor release is available. When it comes to a major release, you have to initiate the update yourself, but you can automate this process. Use the Easy Updates Manager plugin to take control of updates. It enables global updates on your site including WordPress core, plugins and themes, so you don’t have to check for new versions yourself.

In addition to regular updates, backups are a key part of keeping your site secure. There are plenty of tools to help manage your site from importing and exporting to backing up your content to keep it safe. Vaultpress and Backup Buddy are two popular backup plugins. By synchronizing with your site in real time, these plugins generate a complete replica on their servers when you make any changes to your site. This way, in the case of any disruption to your site or data, you can automatically restore any backup to your website in a matter of clicks.

A managed solution like our own EasyWP handles this easily, with no additional plugins needed.