Do you want to have one or multiple of your WordPress plugins hidden yet still running and fully functional? It is entirely possible and quite easy to do, simply follow these steps:

Login to your WordPress dashboard

Under Appearance click on Editor

Click on Function.php and add the following snippet to your current theme’s functions.php file

add_filter( 'all_plugins', 'hide_plugins');

function hide_plugins($plugins)

 if(is_plugin_active(' plugin-directory/plugin-file.php')) {

 unset( $plugins['plugin-directory/plugin-file.php'] );

 return $plugins;


To know the plugin-directory, click on the Editor from the plugins menu. Then select the plugin from the drop-down menu where the name of the plugins is displayed, and click on the select. Now you will see the URL of the plugin at the top of the page, which you can copy from here and replace the code in the above steps.

We hope this article helped you hide plugins from the WordPress admin area and create your own customized admin panels.