There are many benefits to building your WordPress site without an internet connection. Many people prefer this method because they can modify their webpages and build functionality without updating those features live on their real, mainstream internet website. Working on a WordPress site offline also means you can manually change the files more efficiently and faster than if you were using cPanel and the online WordPress software.

Since WordPress is so fast and easy to install, many website developers simply install the open-source software locally on their own personal computers and build websites there before manually importing them into their actual hosting panels.

This means they can play around with whatever they want to get it perfect before committing to making the web pages available to everyone online.

Furthermore, there is the obvious benefit of being available to build, develop, test, and modify a WordPress site without an internet connection. Whenever you are on the road, traveling, or your internet is slow, you still can be productive and get the crucial work done.

If you want to make changes to your site while on an airplane, for example, you can simply use local software and host the website on a local server, which will allow you to make those changes and save them for a later date – when you can import them into your live site on the internet!