Custom menus are a list of links displayed to direct visitors to select pages on your site. Your website will have a primary navigation menu to switch between main pages. You may also wish to organize your footer pages and social links with similar navigation style menus. Once you’ve published a page or a post you can add it to an existing menu. To create a menu, follow these steps:

  • Click on Visit Site in your Admin toolbar to preview the front end of your site. If your theme suggests it, click Add a Menu in the upper left-hand corner or under Appearance in the dash, click the Menu option.
  • Give your menu a name and click Create Menu
  • Select the type of content to add to the page. Your menu may link to Pages, Posts or specific Post categories. Check the items you wish to feature and click Add to Menu.
  • All checked items, Posts, Pages or Post categories will now display below the Menu structure. From here you can reorder them as you’d like them to appear.
  • Menu Settings lets you choose which type of Menu you’re creating. Check the Primary Menu theme to use this menu as your main page navigation or opt for the Secondary Menu theme for any other use.
  • To add your newly created menu to your site select the Save Menu option. This is also a good time to preview your website to check if you’re happy with the results.