Pinterest is becoming a social network site for sharing interesting images you find online. Think of it as an image-based social bookmarking tool like delicious was…but with a better community.

These images, once uploaded to the site, are known as Pins. Users can place these pins on boards, customized under a theme. You can create any kind of theme you want: architecture, motorcycles or even history.

pinterest example

Fifty-nine percent of its “pinners” are women between 25 and 40 years of age. Women also make up 58% of its unique visitors.

It’s been on a spectacular growth in the last six months with 40 times the number of visitors. In fact, Time magazine called Pinterest one of the top five social networking sites.

The site is so popular, it is controlling growth by making you enter your email address to get on a waiting list to become a pinner. However, this should only take a couple of days.

pinterest invite

Of course, if you know a pinner, you can ask him or her for an invite.