Video-subtitle-remover (VSR) is an AI-based software that removes hardcoded subtitles from videos. It mainly implements the following functionalities:

  • Lossless resolution: Removes hardcoded subtitles from videos and generates files without subtitles.
  • Fills in the removed subtitle text area using a powerful AI algorithm model (non-adjacent pixel filling and mosaic removal).
  • Supports custom subtitle positions by only removing subtitles in the defined location (input position).
  • Supports automatic removal of all text throughout the entire video (without inputting a position).


Download the .7z package directly, extract, and run it. If it cannot run, follow the tutorial below to try installing the conda environment and running the source code.

Download Links:

Windows GPU Version v1.0.0 (GPU):

For use only by users with Nvidia graphics cards (AMD graphics cards are not supported).


  • GUI: