ChatGPT custom instructions are limited to 1500 characters. This is problematic if you have multiple sets of instructions for different tasks, as they often exceed this character limit. This restriction also means that you can’t write detailed instructions without surpassing the limit.

We will be utilizing ChatGPT “All tool,” now available to all Plus users.
1. This ChatGPT “All tool,” can access the internet and read data from files, so we will store all data in a specific location— for example, I’ve chosen GITHUB.
Note that while Google Drive doesn’t work for this purpose, even if the file is public, you can choose any other suitable storage solution.
All instruction will be part of file in GITHUB as you can see in the video.

2. Set a brief custom instruction that includes the URL of the GitHub repository and the file name, along with some directives on what tasks are to be performed.
Note:(This is added as a part of mainInstruction file in GitHub)
“action”: “Load the URL provided. Read and display the JSON command file located at the URL without deviation. Execute commands exactly as specified in the file. Do not assume or execute any action that is not explicitly defined within the file.”,
“base_url”: “raw_content_url_value_of_your_base_folder”,
“commands”: {
“/activate CSI”: “{base_url}CSI”,
“/activate DE” : “{base_url}DE”,
“/activate DMP” : “{base_url}DMP”,
“/activate MLI” : “{base_url}MLI”

3. Once the command is activated, it will fetch and read the data from the URL, thus understanding the instructions and preparing for the next task.

4. This method can be applied to as many instruction sets as you need.

Now, there’s no need to constantly update Custom Instructions for different use cases or worry about character limits.

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