Why Is It Important to Remove Bad Backlinks?

Backlinks are, as we all know, an important strategy for SEO. When your website uses quality backlinks from reliable websites, it acts as ‘winning content’ to Google’s SERP; this, in turn, lets search engines know that you are a trusted website with valuable high-quality content, which allows your websites to rank higher. As a matter of fact, the quality backlinks have become a ‘talk’ of the internet. The introduction of Google’s Penguin in 2012 has allowed digital marketers to better optimize backlink strategies to utilize in their (online) platforms to ensure that they don’t get penalized.

If your websites have bad backlinks, it can deteriorate your website by questioning the reputation and credibility of your website; and this immediately triggers Google, which will lead to a detrimental stunt for your business. As a matter of fact, Penguin has officially become part of the core search in Google; this helps detect any spammy websites, which has helped improve the quality of websites over time.

However, before learning how to remove the problem, you must be able to figure out which of the bad backlinks are harmful to your website which is considered negative SEO. This can help you to distinguish which of the links you have to remove.