Mixpanel is a product analytics tool. It’s a bit like Google Analytics but designed especially for measuring user behavior in SaaS products, mobile apps, and e-commerce platforms.

Key use cases

  • See which features people interact with the most and which are barely touched. Popular features can be highlighted in campaigns, while less popular ones may need more educational materials or updating.
  • Understand the impact of newly launched features on product adoption and sales.
  • Study the paths users take after signing up for your product (or any other specific event) to uncover friction points or see how long it takes them to get to essential features.

Highlighted feature: Impact report

Impact report is Mixpanel’s solution to the classic problem of measuring the results of newly launched product features.

Imagine you launched new in-app tutorials. Do they encourage users to spend more time using the app, or create more projects, or churn less frequently? Mixpanel can show you the relationship between these changes and dozens of different outcomes. Your report would look something like this:

Impact report in Mixpanel.
The purple line shows that people who have completed the step engage more with the feature compared to people who haven’t (orange line).


Free plan available. Premium plans start from $20/mo.