Google Search Console (GSC) is a tool that helps you monitor and troubleshoot your website’s appearance in Google’s search results.

It’s one of the essential tools for SEO because it’s the only one that features search performance data straight from Google (although limited). Marketers use it to learn the exact amount of organic traffic they’re getting from that search engine.

Key use cases

  • See the traffic you get from Google’s web, image, video, news results, and Google Discover.
  • Use the CTR metric to see how page title optimizations contribute to clicks.
  • See if Google indexes your site without issues.

Highlighted feature: Click-through rate

With GSC, it is quite easy to spot pages that rank high but don’t get as many clicks as you expect.

GSC has a handy metric for this: CTR (click-through rate). You can find it in the Performance tab; just make sure to tick the “Average CTR” and “Average position” first.

Performance report in Google Search Console.

For instance, this is an interesting case. The keyword “seo analytics” has only 2.1% CTR, while it ranks at 1.4 on average. A page ranking so high should likely have more engagement on Google SERPs, so the title of that post (and perhaps the description, too) could be something to improve on.

Performace report in GSC showing CTR.