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Google Bard-Are you drowning in emails?

 Google Bard can now help you summarize emails.   At, click extensions icon  Enable Workspace extension   Connect your account – click ‘Connect’ Watch the video below to see it in action  Bookmark this and try it later Have...
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Google Bard-Create iPhone App from a screenshot

Create iPhone App from a screenshot used Google‘s Bard AI to recreate a basic timer app for iPhone in under 4 minutes… just from a screenshot!  Did not give it hints as to what the app did, and it provided...

Be Work Week Ready: How to Use Google Bard to Crush Your Tasks

There’s nothing worse than a disorganized workweek: never-ending to-do lists, daunting deadlines; it’s enough to make anyone run for the hills. But fear not, because Google has your back. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Google Bard...