AI chatbots have their names, and this is because they are meant to be something people can talk to and ask to do their work for them, with Google known for its tech that it calls “Bard.” While the name was said to be an “early experiment” by the company, it seems like this designation will remain in the present and near future, with Google not yet showing any signs of changes.

The company and Bard went through a lot during its early stages, especially during its debut where it faced massive issues and complaints.

Google ‘Bard’ AI Chatbot Name to Stick Around

Google Bard

(Photo : LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty Images)

Mostly, if companies claim that a specific tech is experimental, it would have a special name tied to it, but one that would not stick.

However, this was not the same case for Bard, as after nine months, the name sticks around with Google holding on to its original title for the AI chatbot.

Amidst the rising popularity of ChatGPT, as it was released months ahead, Bard was born in this world to service humans and provide informative data that could help in various applications. It may have had mistakes along the way but Google promised significant developments for its AI leg, growing more of its capabilities as well as massive integrations among its different apps.

It Was the Experimental Name, No Others?

As per 9to5 Mac’s report, Bard was an “early experiment” name for the AI chatbot, but there seems to be no other name prepared by the company to replace it, especially now that it is widely available. Still, certain developments are underway for the AI chatbot as Google is looking to expand more of its capabilities, one where it could deliver its full power to the world, accessible for all.

Google Bard and its Beginnings

The beginnings of Google Bard were unveiled in early February and this centered on a massive focus of the company in growing more of its artificial intelligence division, centering on its integration with its tech offers. However, it faced various early issues within the company itself, with the Googlers complaining about its CEO, Sundar Pichai, for the rushed work to deliver the AI.

Still, it was not the only issue Bard faced during its debut, as many have flagged the AI for making up information or delivering fake news to its users, infamous for one incident that shadowed it. This was the incorrect answer about the James Webb Space Telescope, claiming that it was the first to take pictures of a planet outside the Solar System, when in fact it was the Very Large Telescope Array in Chile.

Bard has struggled, but the team and Google worked together to deliver a better version of the AI chatbot, one that would be accurate to what it will deliver to users, particularly as it did not use any of OpenAI’s ChatGPT data. Known to be the “ChatGPT killer,” Bard has been around long enough, amidst the rise of AI supremacy in tech, with it remaining to be called its experimental name.