Anthropic Cookbook

Anthropic Cookbook

The Anthropic Cookbook provides code and guides designed to help developers build with Claude, providing copy-able code snippets that you can easily integrate into your own projects.


To make the most of the examples in this cookbook, you’ll need an Anthropic API key (sign up for free here).

While the code examples are primarily written in Python, the concepts can be adapted to any programming language that supports interaction with the Anthropic API.

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The Anthropic Cookbook thrives on the contributions of the developer community. We value your input, whether it’s submitting an idea, fixing a typo, adding a new guide, or improving an existing one. By contributing, you help make this resource even more valuable for everyone.

To avoid duplication of efforts, please review the existing issues and pull requests before contributing.

If you have ideas for new examples or guides, share them on the issues page.

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